Whether your goal is gaining muscle mass, cutting or more general fat loss, I can create a custom meal plan just for you and your specific goals!​


Regardless of how good your training is, you still need to adhere to a diet that is aligned with your goals if you want to maximize your results. Your intake of micronutrients, macronutrients (protein, carbs & fat) and overall calories all play key roles in whether or not you make progress. With my tailored meal plan you will receive everything you need to ensure your diet is structured to accordingly complement your training and help you reach your goals in as little time possible. I also include a calorie & macros calculator.

Bespoke To You

7 different days of meals custom fitted towards your particular calorie, protein, carbs and fat prerequisites.

Completely Flexible

Adaptability on a particular foods you might want included or excluded.

Explicit Structure

Caloric and macronutrient content for every individual meal and food, with day by day sums appeared.


Advice on which supplements will compliment your plan.

Varied Or Basic

Optional degrees of change. Various meals consistently or something less difficult for meal prep – your choice.

Email Support

Email support for any questions you might have, lasting 12 weeks.

Does this broscience advice sound familiar?

Only eat chicken breast and veggies if you want to get big!’

‘Don’t touch any carbs if you want to get lean.’
 ‘You can never have a cheeseburger if you want to stay in shape.’
 ‘Keto diets are the way, along fasting, of course.’

You’re smart enough to almost buy my meal plan, now be really smart by buying it!

Never, ever eat boring chicken and broccoli! I don’t eat boring and bland chicken, broccoli and rice. Instead, I found 100+ ways to squeeze better taste out of fewer calories.

You’ll also get calorie and protein, carb, fiber, and fat information for each recipe, indexes and references for nutrients, special ingredients, and serving sizes.

Eat your favorite foods, but healthy and protein packed!

It has hundreds of delicious, fun recipes that you can eat your whole life and maintain a lean body and not suffer through one of your standard broccoli and fish diets. From pancakes to hamburgers to cookies, you can eat just about anything with this cookbook.evercises for everyone in here.

I turned my favorite foods into healthy foods


You know why you eat unhealthy food? Because it tastes amazing! It’s not your fault you like food tastes so good.
That’s why this meal plan has the pizza, burgers, wraps, and cookies that you will absolutely love but with none of the extra calories you don’t need.

“Success starts with self-discipline.”

No-Brainer Recipes

Coffee Bean

Life-Changing Habits

It’s easier to train better and harder if you have better “fuel”. You still have to be careful about the calories you are eating, but these recipes make it really easy!


Coffee Bean

Quick and Easy Recipes

A meal plan has multiple recipes for breakfasts, lunches, desserts, snacks, and dinners that you can do in no time with no cooking skills! You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to make these recipes!


Coffee Bean

Unlimited Potential

It’s time to stop being obese and commit to getting the physique, energy, and lifestyle you’re craving for. You still have to do the work, but whit this you have no excuses left!


It’s 2021 and people still believe you can’t diet down while still enjoying foods you actually like…

Meal Plan


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an eBook?

Yes! Download it to your phone, tablet, or computer, it doesn’t matter! What does matter however is that you have access to my amazing recipes wherever you are!  

How do I receive my new meal plan?

This is an eBook so it will be sent to your email as soon as I create your plan. You will receive in maximum 24 hours a form where you will be asked a few questions so I can create and tailor your plan perfectly! After that you will be able to download it to any device and have it by your side anywhere you go!

There are cheaper meal plans/cookbooks online. Why this one?

Most cookbooks usually follow the same bullshit-ridden formula:

Stupidly complicated dishes that no one can sustain for the long term (or just chicken, broccoli and rice) ! My meal plans are for those who want simple cooking without the usual over-the-top nonsense. Oh, and try finding one that has awesome and tasty recipes that will get you in shape!

Can I still find the ingredients if I live in another country than you do?

Almost all of the ingredients in my recipes can be found world over in supermarkets and grocery stores. You can buy many items online, especially on Amazon.  

Why is your meal plan so expensive?

The recipes are delicious, high-volume low-calorie dense foods. If you eat them you will feel full and satiated, which will make it a lot easier for you to stick to your diet plan. This is how I eat every day and stay lean year-round. I never feel like I’m depriving myself because I get to enjoy my favorite foods.

I’m morbidly obese, and unable to exercise. Will these recipes work for me?

No matter what your weight, or even your sex or age, these recipes will help you improve your life!

I don’t like rice/pasta/bread/a specific food. Is this meal plan still going to be relevant for me?

My meal plans include recipes made from all kinds of foods that you will surely like (based on your answers from the email form you will receive), so if you don’t like a specific food, rest assured there will be dozens of recipes that you will enjoy!