Whether your goal is gaining muscle mass, cutting or more general fat loss, I can provide you with a goal oriented and personalized programs to ensure the time you spend in the gym is time spent productively.​


The Fitness Masterclass contains the Muscle & Strength Manual workout plans, 2 additional ones (you have 6 separate training routines you can choose from) and a cook book with over 30 separate recipes to build your own meal plan. So whatever your goal is and no matter how it might change, you are covered. The masterclass contains whatever you need to achieve your personal goals.

Bespoke To You

Beginner or intermediate program tailored to specific training goals.

Specific Details

Full details of specific exercises, rep ranges and rest periods.


Guidance on which supplements may benefit you whilst on your program.

Cook Book

30+ recipes of varied meals ranging from very low to very high calories.

Email Support

Email support for any questions you have, lasting while enrolled in the course.

These are the actual training plans I give my coaching clients, I know they work, my clients know they work and you will know they work!

Get your dream physique 

The masterclass is for anybody that wants to start getting real results or push themselves as hard as they can (even if you think you’re already ‘experienced’).
My rules are bry much straightforward: Listen to every single thing I tell you, put in the hard work, and you will see results in no time!

These are the actual training plans I give my coaching clients, I know they work, my clients know they work and you will know they work!

Buy my Masterclass to invest in yourself for a lifetime


50+ pages of foundational (and educational) information on how to structure the best workout plan based on your individual circumstances. Basically you get smarter by reading about how to train.

All the methods and exercises here are scientifically proven to work (as long as you really commit and out in the hard work)
An enormous exercise library to provide you with flexibility to choose exercises you like and can perform based on equipment availability.
Cardio and basic diet tips are also covered. No more stupid diets and restrictions, ever!
You will improve your body composition by getting leaner and more muscular if you follow the instructions in this course.

Choose the commitment that fits your lifestyle. I provide 3 options.

60 & 90 minute fully optimized programs.

I show you how to progress and keep on progressing!

Detailed guides into sets, reps, rest-times, weight/resistance, and intensity, as well as coaching instructions for each exercise.

Prefer to train 3 days a week? Or what about 6? Customized training times based on your training preference and lifestyle.

Includes both strength and hypertrophy training.

Okay, so who is this exactly for? Everyone!


You want to start building the physique of your dreams, but you’re confused about where to start??


Okay, so you know your way around a gym, but you can still be training incorrectly!


You’ve been training for 5+ years and you’re looking great, but you feel there is more to be accomplished…



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Frequently Asked Questions

I know a lot about training. Is this book for me?

Literally everyone will learn something from this course except the top bodybuilding professionals. This is a foundational training plan. If you want to learn even more check out my coaching plan!

I've never set foot in a gym in my life. Are these workouts for me?

Definitely! We start with the absolute basics. If you’re willing to learn I can definitely teach you!

How do I receive this awesome course?

This is a course so it will be available on your Thinkific Dashboard as soon as you purchase. You can access it from any device and have it by your side anywhere you go!

How do I know you will get me results?

Well, isn’t that the million-dollar question… No, it isn’t really. As long as you dedicate and commit yourself to one of my tried and tested programs in thiese courses, I guarantee you will look (and feel) at least 10 times better than what you do now. As they say – sometimes, you gotta take a leap of faith…

But I found another online trainer charging less. Why should I pay you more?

I didn’t create these programs in a couple of days. These are the results of my entire career and experience in bodybuilding! I am not some pretentious trainer who wants you to do their exercises all day long that will get you absolutely nowhere. That I can promise you.

How do I know whether to focus on strength or hypertrophy?

The reason I have multiple programs is because I know everyone is different and people have different goals. But even if you don’t know what your goal is right now, we go through the foundations and basics of bodybuilding properly, so you figure it out as we go through.

$50 for a fitness course? Really?!

My clients pay hundreds for the this type of value you’re getting here! The years of knowledge that I have worked my ass off to get is literally being put on a plate for you. If that doesn’t answer your question, then maybe this course isn’t for you.

Is this just a list of workouts?

No way, it is a lot more than that! It contains crucial information that you should know before you touch any weight and 9 training plans that help you see real resuls in the gym! You’ll learn my philosophy of training and the methods to the dream physique you dream of. Don’t forget, there is a cookbook included as well (over 30 recipes)