I am offering completely customized programs and a meal plan as well, tailor-made to your individual circumstance so you can experience the best progress possible.


A 100% personalized training plan designed completely around your individual lifestyle.

A sustainable and enjoyable program that is based on your experience level and your fitness goals, whatever they are!

Carefully selected exercises designed to maximize the best possible results, whatever your goals may be!

Your athletic history, past training injuries, and personal weaknesses are all taken into account. 

Detailed step-by-step guidance on mastering select equipment and learning advanced training techniques, all based on your past and current experience

I will take you through a personalized program and together, with me as your personal coach we will be monitoring your progress and helping you through every step of the way.

Bespoke To You

Minimum 4 week personalized training program, tailored to your specific fitness goals.

Nutritional Guidance

Your calorie & macronutrient requirements calculated and updated throughout.

Meal Plan

3 day example meal plan, tailored to your initial calories/macros.

Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly check-ins & feedback to evaluate your progress, ensure you’re on track and make any alterations necessary to your training or diet.

Instant Support

Optional instant messaging contact with via WhatsApp.

Learn tons of useful workouts

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, there are evercises for everyone in here.

There is a reason most people don’t stick to programs. They are not optimal, way too complicated, and just aren’t fun to follow.

Maybe you follow the next ‘trendy’ plan you find on some moron’s Instagram, stick to it for a week, get bored, and… never see any progress. Or… perhaps you’re attempting a program that’s way too complex for your current experience level and seeing no results.

If the above sounds like you, then you need to learn how to follow a proper plan and actually susttain it! I seriously wonder how so many can buy into all other bullshit out there!

I 100% believe programs should be designed to be followed on a long term basis. They should also be set up to maximise the best results possible! My coaching programs are personalized to you and are built to be followed for life, not just 2 weeks.

The stuff you’ll learn from me will literally change your approach to fitness forever. You just have to listen to what I tell you and…atually put in the work!

‘You have to think it before you can do it. The mind is what makes it all possible.’

Kai Greene, pro bodybuilder


In order to create a personal and customized plan based on your individual needs, you will receive an email questionnaire asking you personal questions related to the type of plan you purchased.


Your current lifestyle
Your diet preferences
Your training history
Your health history
Your supplements history
Your fitness goals
My team and I will take into account your current fitness level/experience and your short and long term goals and what you need to do to make it happen!

The coaching plan offers a meal plan as well!

Without a solid diet in place, I would never have achieved my current physique! An effective muscle-building diet goes hand in hand with your training and the physique of your dreams WON’T come along without it!

1 on 1 Coaching


All the spots are taken for the moment!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my new training & meal plan?

This is an online course so it will be available to you as soon as I create your plan on yout\r teachable platform. You will receive in maximum 24 hours a form on your email where you will be asked a few questions so I can create and tailor your plan perfectly! After that you will be able to download it to any device and have it by your side anywhere you go!

There are cheaper meal plans/cookbooks online. Why this one?

Most cookbooks usually follow the same bullshit-ridden formula:

Stupidly complicated dishes that no one can sustain for the long term (or just chicken, broccoli and rice) ! My meal plans are for those who want simple cooking without the usual over-the-top nonsense. Oh, and try finding one that has awesome and tasty recipes that will get you in shape!

Can I still find the ingredients if I live in another country than you do?

Almost all of the ingredients in my recipes can be found world over in supermarkets and grocery stores. You can buy many items online, especially on Amazon.  

Why is this plan so expensive?

The recipes you will get are delicious, high-volume low-calorie dense foods. If you eat them you will feel full and satiated, which will make it a lot easier for you to stick to your diet plan. This is how I eat every day and stay lean year-round. I never feel like I’m depriving myself because I get to enjoy my favorite foods.

I’m morbidly obese, and unable to exercise. Will these recipes work for me?

No matter what your weight, or even your sex or age, these recipes will help you improve your life!

I don’t like rice/pasta/bread/a specific food. Is this meal plan still going to be relevant for me?

My meal plans include recipes made from all kinds of foods that you will surely like (based on your answers from the email form you will receive), so if you don’t like a specific food, rest assured there will be dozens of recipes that you will enjoy!

I know a lot about training. Is this book for me?

Literally everyone will learn something from this coaching plan except for the top 1% bodybuilding professionals. This is a foundational training plan.

I've never set foot in a gym in my life. Are these workouts for me?

Definitely! We start with the absolute basics. If you’re willing to learn I can definitely teach you!

How do I receive this awesome plan?

This is a course so it will be available on your Teachable Dashboard as soon as I finish creating your custom made plan. I will create if based on your answers to the question that will be sent by email in maximum 24 hours after your purchase. You will be able to access it from any device and have it by your side anywhere you go!

How do I know you will get me results?

Well, isn’t that the million-dollar question… No, it isn’t really. As long as you dedicate and commit yourself to one of my tried and tested programs in thiese courses, I guarantee you will look (and feel) at least 10 times better than what you do now. As they say – sometimes, you gotta take a leap of faith…

But I found another online trainer charging less. Why should I pay you more?

I didn’t create these programs in a couple of days. These are the results of my entire career and experience in bodybuilding! I am not some pretentious trainer who wants you to do their exercises all day long that will get you absolutely nowhere. That I can promise you.

How do I know whether to focus on strength or hypertrophy?

The reason I have multiple programs is because I know everyone is different and people have different goals. But even if you don’t know what your goal is right now, we go through the foundations and basics of bodybuilding properly, so you figure it out as we go through.

Is this just a list of workouts?

No way, it is a lot more than that! It contains crucial information that you should know before you touch any weight and 9 training plans that help you see real resuls in the gym! You’ll learn my philosophy of training and the methods to the dream physique you dream of. Don’t forget, there is a meal plan included as well!

$100/month for a fitness coaching plan? Really?!

My clients pay hundreds for the this type of value you’re getting here! The years of knowledge that I have worked my ass off to get is literally being put on a plate for you. If that doesn’t answer your question, then maybe this course isn’t for you.